Rich King

Rich King Recording

Rich King's interest in becoming a skilled audio recording and mixing engineer started with basic curiosity.

While recording his band's rehearsals, Rich had a drive to understand why certain instruments and sounds were being picked up differently by the microphones in the room.

Chief Engineer

This curiosity led Rich to study recording at Temple University while interning with Drew Raison at Big Sky Audio in Springfield, PA.

As Rich puts it, "I learned the basics of recording at Temple, and I learned how to get things done in the real world at Big Sky."

His technical chops as an engineer are aided by his amazingly positive attitude, his ability to stay calm under pressure, and his drive to help an artist record the best performance possible.

Rich's seven plus years of recording experience have been built on a wide variety of musical styles and recording techniques.

Whether tracking instrument by instrument or groups and choirs as a whole, Rich can grab the raw energy of punk and the majesty of a full orchestra; the nuances of a singer/songwriter and the organized chaos of a jazz trio; the massive, tight guitars of heavy metal and the big bottom end of Reggae; or the crisp delivery of pop and the sound of a rock band playing in an arena.

"Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember," explains Rich.

"I've played music since I was a kid – piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, bass guitar.

But more than being in a band, I've always wanted to help people to realize their sound, so recording was the perfect avenue for me."

Rich's list of credits rolls on, and includes John Waite, Carina Round, Jason Castro, Joshua Radin, Kris Allen, and We The Kings.  See his full list of credits here.


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