Mark Cleary

Mark Cleary Live Sound

He first fell in love with the music scene by attending The Philadelphia Folk Festival.

What started as a passion quickly became his life's work.

Things came full circle when he built his own system and began providing sound plus equipment for festivals and a multitude of music genres and venues across the country.

Mark owns and operates NightOwl Audio.

Anthony Vitale
DJ Too Tuff
Dr. Beardface
Liberty Church
Matt Green
Michael Joly
Nicole Zell
Robbie Webb
Sharon Rhinesmith
Sister City
The Burgeoning
Thomas Smith
Tuff Crew

Live and FOH Engineer

After building his touring system and providing sound for local talent in the Philadelphia area, and an internship at the legendary Sigma Sound studio, Cleary got a great break.

He was availed the opportunity to work alongside a world class touring sound engineer, where he cut his teeth as a monitor engineer. He credits the up close and personal, individual attention required of a monitor engineer as one of his most beneficial experiences, maintaining that a musician's comfort on stage is paramount to the success of a live show.

While living in the West, and thriving on the area's musical diversity, Cleary embraced multi band, quick-stage-turnover festival style sound. Rock, R&B, bluegrass, funk, punk, progressive and folk are just some of the styles he's had the pleasure of mixing.

Great relationships were forged which enable him to continue doing festivals in various parts of the country.

After returning to the Philly area, and reconnecting with the music community of his home town, Mark took his role as FOH at Philly Sound Studios, where it's his pleasure to work with recording engineers of a high caliber.

Mark truly loves working with musicians and getting the best sound along with great monitor mixes.

His main focus is providing musicians with the support to give their best performance, as well as staying current in an ever-changing music world, designing flexibility and expansion into any sound system, and to always provide the finest live experience.


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