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Alex DiMattia
All Time Low
Apple, Inc.
Archie Blue
Audra Mclaughlin (The Voice) & Sara Law
August Room
Baby Blue Sound Collective
Berklee College of Music
Birds Over Arkansas
Capital Cities
Carina Round (Pucifer, Tears for Fears)
Charlie Angel and the Rotten Pistols
Chosen Elect
Chris Zurich
Chronicles of Sound
Cole Raison feat. Will Clipman
Countdown To Ecstasy
Daren Metz
Darryl Henry
David E. Williams
DJ Steve Aoki
Doug Grigsby
Duncan Smith
Dylan Anderson
East of the West
Enter The Rooms
Fall Out Boy
Fifth Stone Music
Four Year Strong
FOX Philadelphia
Freedom Kerl
Freddy Raygun
Gentlemen Catfish
Giada J
Good Morning Philadelphia
Inerje Barrett
Ingrid Michaelson
Ivana Billic
Jason Castro (American Idol)
Jerome Deppe
Joe Ardito
Joe Fusco
Joey DiTullio
John & Brittany
John Faye
John Waite
Johnny Pompo
Jon Mernyk Quartet
Kris Allen (American Idol)
Kyle Bosler
Lakatos Photography
Last Dinosaur
Liberty Church
Little Mix
Maris Lane
Matt Conway
Matt Leuzzi
Mighty Soundscape
Mike Mangini (Dream Theater)
Mixify Clubcast
Monique Sudler
My Dog Bill
Ode To Omni
Osler Circle
Pauly Knakk/Harkland
Phillip Phillips (American Idol)
Quis Deo
Rena Sinakin
RhineSmith Duo
Rich Waller
Ride Now for Autism
Rodger Delaney
South Philly School of Music & Arts
Steve LaFashia
Steve Rulon
Steve Weiss Music
Swing That Cat
Taking October
The Band Forever
The Interest Group
The RCs
Thee Phantom & The Illharmonic Orchestra
Tony D
Tony Yoo
Trouble In Tokyo
Uncle/Father Oscar
Vicious Lips
We The Kings


John & Brittany "Paper Planes" (official music video) Steve Aoki launches Vh1 Supersonic Arcade with Clubcast Phillip Phillips "Gone Gone Gone" (PST Live Lounge) John Waite at Philly Sound Studios Kris Allen "Live Like We're Dying" Philly Sound Studios All Time Low performs "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)" in the PST Live Lounge Meeting Ingrid Michaelson Thanks to Philly Sound Studios & SSA Music! Rixton "Me and My Broken Heart" - PST Live Lounge Funky Beat by Michael Troncelliti Jason Castro "Hallelujah" Philly Sound Studios Not Right Now Philly Sound Studios 10.19.13 fOREVER: Take Me Home OFFICAL music video Sam DeRose Jr. at Philly Sound Studios! Kris Allen - Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise Mashup (Philly Sound Studios 12/13/09) Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying (Philly Sound Studios 12/13/09) Kris Allen - Alright With Me (Philly Sound Studios 12/13/09) Joey DiTullio at Philly Sound Studios 10/19/13 Mighty Soundscape Behind The Scene Footage from Philly Sound Studios Mighty Soundscape Behind The Scenes Footage from Philly Sound Studios Steve Aoki Live Philly Sound Studios Philadelphia - 11/7/14 (HD) Heartless-Gangsta's Paradise Philly Sound Studios Mischief by Rodger Delany at Philly Sound Studios Good Times Philly Sound Studios 10.19.2013 Interstate76 playing I-95 @ CD Release Show @ Philly Sound Studios The Late Saints - La mia Citta' + Clandestino (Manu Chao) Steve Aoki Becomes a Bad Kid "No Fourplay" drum solo by Michael Troncelliti Bohdem Dahl - Talkin' to Nightingales We The Kings perform "Secret Valentine" in the PST Live Lounge Joshua Radin Freeway Video Drop : Winter Warm Up 2012 : Drop On Top Entertainment Joshua Radin performs I'd Rather Be With You in the PST Live Lounge. We The Kings perform "Heaven Can Wait" in the PST Live Lounge Jason Castro "Let's Just Fall In Love Again" Philly Sound Studios New by Rodger Delany at Philly Sound Studios fOREVER -  LA. Chainsaw "Be There" piano. fOREVER Take Me Home "Single"! South Philly Blues Can't Stay Away Philly Sound Sudios The Knack - My Sharona - cover by The Late Saints Leslie Speaker in action! 'Good Times' - STONE BABYHTML Video insert by v3.0m


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  • We celebrated our son Tylers 9th birthday. Philly Sound Studios made all the kids feel like "Rock Stars". The kids all sang Karaoke together. To our surprise, the performance was recorded! Each child left with a CD of the session. The price was quite reasonable!

    Steve and Robin Gall

  • I recently graduated from college. My boyfriend hired a killer band "Think Pink" and threw a graduation party for my friends and family. It was like being at my own private concert. The stage was amazing! We all had a wonderful time! Special thanks goes out to Rich King! Suzane says hello! XOXO

    Helen Tompson


  • We recently held our end of year corporate party!  The space was spot on.  The perfect backdrop for a spectacular year!

    Dave Martin - Knowledgepoints


  • I run my own social marketing company- when its time to meet with clients one on one we always choose Philly Sound Studios- What an incredible "vibe"- My clients love it!

    KM Derose