• Drew Raison

    Drew Raison    Producer/Partner

    Drew Raison's career is founded on the music, production and business knowledge he has gained over the last 30 years. He is a Producer, Engineer, Studio Manager and Educator, he works directly with entertainers, artists and students, assisting them through the complex world of professional entertainment and musical development.  In addition to his role at Philly Sound Studios, he owns and operates Modern Media Academy and South Philly School of Music & Arts.

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  • Mairiano Mattei

    Mariano Mattei    Producer/Partner

    Just like the foodie/chef he is, Mariano Mattei mixes his roles as musician, businessman, producer, engineer, entrepreneur, family man, and IT tech into a perfect blend. An active player in the Philadelphia music and recording scene for more years than he'd like to admit, Mattei has been a recording producer and engineer, songwriter and live sound man, guitarist, vocalist, and touring music artist, playing the original music scene along the east coast.

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  • Rich King

    Rich King    Chief Engineer

    Rich King's interest in becoming a skilled audio recording and mixing engineer started with basic curiosity.  While recording his band's rehearsals, Rich had a drive to understand why certain instruments and sounds were being picked up differently by the microphones in the room.

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  • Rich King

    Ben McGuinn    Engineer/Producer

    Ben McGuinn's affinity for larger-than-life, epic sounding music production comes from his admiration for pioneers like Trent Reznor, Andy Wallace, Alan Moulder, and Butch Vig. Ben specializes in producing, engineering, and mixing rock and electronic music – and he's equally experienced working with adult contemporary and acoustic artists.

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  • Rich King

    Tom Conran    Engineer/Producer

    Inspired at a young age by The Mars Volta and Radiohead, Tom Conran decided he had to be involved in music. Tom attended Michigan Technological University's Sound Design program where he graduated and was awarded for excellence in sound.

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  • Rich King

    Mark Cleary    Live and FOH Engineer

    Mark Cleary is a Live and FOH engineer, as well as a system designer and integrator who has worked with local, national and international acts. Cleary built his 30 year career in the music industry by providing live sound reinforcement one stage after the next.

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Philly Sound Studios

is a unique facility with boundless creative possibilities for your next production. Careful precision went into the design and acoustics of our live room, and our recordings show it! Coupled to this space is a stunning control room that features a Neve 48 input console, SSL converters and racks of current and vintage outboard gear by Manley, Urei, Focusrite, Summit, Trident and more.

Our Engineers are well trained and able to handle everything from a solo Singer/Songwriter to a full-on Gospel Choir with combo. They know how to get the absolute best sound for your next recording. Our Interns sit at the ready to assist in loading and unloading, session setup and as hospitality runners.

Philly Sound Studios is setting a new standard, contact us for a visit and see why!



Neve V55 48 inputs


Daking 52270H x2, Focusrite ISA-215 Neve era, Neve 3104 x2, Trident S80, Neve 33115, Fredenstein F200, Tube Tech PE 1B Pultec eq, Fredenstein F603B wideband eq x2, Summit tube EQB-200P, Breul & Kjaer Type 2602 mic pre, Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton tube graphic eq


Neve 55060 x8, UREI 1176 blackface rev F x2, Teletronix LA3A x2, SSL FX G384 stereo buss compressor, Manley Variable-Mu mono, Manley Variable-Mu stereo, Empirical Labs Distressor, dbx 1965, UREI LA-2, UREI LA-4 x2


Solid State Logic SSL Alpha Link MADI converters, Pro Tools v11, 10, 9, Logic vX, 9, Waves Gold Native, Waves RenMaxx, Waves SSL/API/Neve bundle, Studer A80 Mk IV 2" 24 track


Quested Model XX with Tannoy TS12 sub, Genelec 1032A, Adam A7X


Neumann U87, KMI, Microtech Geffell UM70 x2, Soundelux U95 tube, U195 FET, AKG C414 EB x3, UBLS x4, TLII, D112 x3, C460, C3000, Sennheiser MKH8040 x2, MD421 x6, E902, E906 x2, Audio Technica At 4031, 4033, x5, Shure Beta 52 x2, 58, 87, SM57 x11, SM58 x8, Electro Voice N/D 408B x3, 308 x2, RE10, PL10, PL20 x2, Groove Tube Model 1 tube w/U87 cap, GT-57 FET x2, Beyerdynamic m-201, TG180, Rode Procaster, Rode NT-2


1928 Steinway Model M grand piano, Mehlin Grand Piano, Hammond C3 w/147 Leslie, Vox AC30 2x12" combo, 1974 Fender Twin head, 1971 Marshall Super Lead full stack, Hearthstone boutique 30 watt head, Gibson GA 79RVT 2x10" combo, Orange Rockerverb 100, 1969 Ampeg SVT head, 1971 Ampeg V4B head, 1971 Marshall 1960 A, Marshall 800 1960 A cab, Marshall 800 1960B cab, Yamaha Recording Custom 6pc 22", Drum Workshop Keller era 6pc 22", DDrum 5pc 24"


Behringer X32 digital console 32 mic inputs, Community XLT 46E bi-amped 15" mb, 6.5" M, 1" HF driver x4, Community XLT 55E dual 15" subs x4, B52 LX18 18" folded horn sub x2, Community XLT 48E 15" 2-way wedges x4, Klipsch 15" 2-way drum/side fill x2, QSC PLX 3002 x3, QSC PLX 3402 x2